Travelling the World Without Leaving the Kitchen

Although many people believe that Baklava come from the Greek, it actually originated in Turkish cuisine. The dough used to make baklava is called Phyllo. It is a Greek word and that is why most people assume that this dessert is from Greek origin.

I’ve never actually tried Baklava before or ever even thought about making it, but I wanted to try making something a little more difficult. I found my recipe at, which is where I find most of my recipes.

BUT, this time I didn’t like the recipe. It turned out good, but the instructions were not detailed enough and some of the ingredients called for more or less than was needed. I found myself chopping more nuts in the middle of trying to put it all together and I still had about half a cup of melted butter left after I was done!

I don’t have many pictures for this blog because I was too focused on trying to actually make the dessert and I kept forgetting about pictures. Here are a few, from when I remember that I should be taking pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The final product actually turned out better than I expected. I got into this never having made this before or even seeing Phyllo dough or knowing how to use it. It’s very thin and delicate so you have to be very careful with it.

My boyfriend actually wanted to help me make it because it’s one of his favorite desserts, but he ended up just watching TV while I did everything myself. Which I didn’t mind because I like to bake myself so I know that everything gets done properly.

He was my taste tester though. After it had cooled I gave him the first piece and then some to the rest of my family. They all loved it, even my mom who normally doesn’t like dessert.

But, the one person that I always bring a piece of whatever I make to is my meme. However, she was already in bed when I made it so I didn’t get to have her opinion on it. She’ll have a piece tomorrow and I’m sure she’ll tell me the same thing she always does: “Are you trying to make me fat?”


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